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  • 12 Dec,2017


    Being in this business as long as I have, the number one goal people have when it comes to their health is losing weight. Since 1980 the obesity rate has tripled and diabetes has increased a whopping 382% since 1988 according to the American Diabetes Association. This is becoming a major health crisis in this country and there are no signs it’s going to get better.

    When we think about losing weight we are almost entirely focused on eating healthy food and cutting out junk food from our diets. That is a great approach and is a must if you truly want to lose weight, but there is a whole other side to losing weight that is usually forgotten about, our metabolism. Metabolism defines how fast and efficient our bodies can burn calories. As we get older our metabolisms slow down making weight loss a much harder goal to obtain. How many of you out there eat healthy week after week and make little or no progress when it comes to losing weight?

    So the question is how can we get our metabolisms to fire back up and start burning calories like they did in our twenties? Unfortunately there is no magic pill or single thing we can do that will accomplish that for us, but there are some things we can do that when combined can really help raise our metabolism significantly and start burning calories more efficiently.


    When they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day they were not kidding! Breakfast is the ignition that gets your engine running for the day, so if you wait until noon to have your first meal your metabolism will be idling all morning.


    When your body goes long periods of time without food it thinks it not going to get enough nutrients to live so it shuts down your metabolism and goes into survival mode. When eating smaller meals every few hours, your body is getting what it needs and keeps your metabolism running high. Also by having smaller meals it keeps your blood sugars from spiking which also helps. I can’t tell you how many people come to me and tell me they eat almost nothing and can’t seem to lose weight.


    Your thyroid gland controls many functions of your body including your metabolism. The thyroid produces something called a T3 cell which is useless until your body can convert it to a T4 cell. That cell is what controls your hormone levels which in turn controls your metabolism. The number one cause of your body not being able to convert T3 to T4 is, you guessed it, STRESS.


    Resting muscle burns 8 times more calories than fat. When you have muscle on your frame the body has to work extremely hard to feed and maintain those muscles, therefore boosting our metabolism. Cardiovascular exercise, especially HIIT (high intensity interval training), not only gets our metabolism racing it continues to do it for a period of time after we have finished our workout.

    OMEGA – 3

    Omega-3 is a fatty acid mostly found in fish, but it can also be taken as a supplement. It helps balance our blood sugars and can reduce inflammation, helping to regulate our metabolism.


    Protein causes the largest rise in TEF (thermic effect on food) by 15 to 30%. TEF is caused by the extra calories required to digest, absorb and process nutrients in your meal. Protein also help maintain muscle which, as we already know, also boosts our metabolism.


    In addition to many of the great benefits of green tea it can also help boost metabolism. It helps to convert some of our stored fat in our bodies into free fatty acids, which can increase fat burning by 10 to 17%.


    I am not a big fan of outside stimulants, but a cup or 2 of coffee can really fire up our central nervous system. It can help people work harder and longer which will, in turn, burn more calories. Try and stay away from some of the creamers and sugars as it can really boost the calorie count of your coffee and defeat its purpose!

    If you really want to make great strides in weight loss you have to consider more than just what you eat. All that healthy eating and hard work you put in to lose weight could be for not if your body can’t burn off the calories you are consuming.

    If you want to know more about my eating plans or want to lead a healthier life feel free to email me at rich@onlinefitpro.com or sign up for a free 30 minute nutrition consultation on my website at www.onlinefitpro.com.