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  • 05 Dec,2017


    By definition the word coach means to tutor, teach or instruct, but in reality, a coach is so much more than that. A great coach will provide knowledge, prospective and clarity. A coach will keep you improving and push you beyond your perceived limits. “People can’t see themselves as other people do, a coach can provide them with that prospective” according to Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google.

    One of the greatest minds of our time Bill Gates said “It doesn’t matter if you are a baseball player, a tennis player or a chess player we need someone to give us feedback. That’s how we grow and improve.” When Bill Gates talks about improving ourselves, I listen.

    In my younger days I played a variety of sports and really excelled in Baseball. The reason was not that it was my favorite sport to play, it wasn’t, but rather because I had an amazing coach who taught me and pushed me to be the best. His guidance really helped me to excel and his passion for baseball became my passion. As I got older my skills improved and evolved, my need for a coach never changed. I always wanted someone to take me to that next level, to improve on those skills and become a better player.

    No matter how skilled and knowledgeable you think you are there is always someone out there that knows more than you. For example a professional football player has been playing the game for years, he has had many coaches and is one of the best at what he does, so why does this professional football players need a coach now? The answer is simple, as humans and athletes we are always changing and evolving. That is the only way to move forward in life. When a team does not play well the finger always gets pointed at the coach first. It is his responsibility to bring out the best in you and the team.

    A great coach will improve your odds for success. Just look at the New England Patriots, players have come and gone over the last decade, but the team makes it to the playoffs almost every year. Why? Bill Belichick! He knows how to push his players to go beyond their limits and bring out the best in them.


    The question is what makes a coach great? All coaches are teachers, all coaches have the knowledge and can show you what to do to succeed, but a great coach does something more. A great coach inspires and knows how to push us beyond our limits. As human being we are all different and a great coach is always able to find what motivates you and use that to get the job done. A great coach should provide clarity and a vision of the future. It is very difficult to drive if you can’t see the road ahead of you. A great coach can give you feedback you can’t see for yourself. People are afraid to tell someone they are doing something wrong or to criticize them, but a coach is not afraid to do that because in the end he knows it will help that person become better.


    Sports are not the only aspect in which we need a coach. There are life coaches, business coaches, financial coaches and health coaches. Let’s talk about that last one. Our health is our greatest priority, even above our own family because without our health we have nothing, so why not have a coach to lead us through that journey and keep us on the right side of the ground. Our goals and needs as it pertains to fitness changes dramatically as we age. When I was in my 20’s I worked out so I can improve in sports, look good on the beach and most importantly look good for the girls. During my 30’s I just wanted to have more energy and fit into my jeans. Now that I am approaching 50 I want to avoid medications, fight off the chances of cancer and not be a diabetic. That is a drastic change in my way of thinking about health in just 30 years.

    Keep one thing in mind, there is a great difference between a personal trainer and a fitness coach. A personal trainer is going to meet with you once or twice a week, take you through a workout and move on to his next client. A fitness coach will invest in your health, sure he will give you great workouts, but that is not his number one priority. A fitness coach will motivate you, be there for you if you fall off track and get you moving in the right direction. He will help you find time to work out, he will guide you through your eating habits and he will teach you discipline. But most important, a great fitness coach will constantly change his approach to your health as your needs change. To clients, a fitness coach should be somewhere between their father and a good friend.

    A great fitness coach always be there for the clients, but will also be firm and will make sure you get the job done. One of my longest clients has been with me for nearly 20 years. People ask me why he has been with me so long. I tell them because I motivate him, without me he would not be working out today. I also tell them that the workouts I did with him 20 years ago and today are completely different. I adapted the workouts to my clients changing needs. He is always evolving and I am right there next to him to coach him through it.

    I have been in this industry for over 30 years, I have several certifications and have worked in many facilities and trained hundreds of people, but I also have a coach and mentor. Make no mistake about it, I do not know everything when it comes to fitness, my coach is able to give me new perspectives on health and is always teaching me something new.

    One of my favorite saying is “A wise man is not someone with all the answers, but who asks all the questions.”

    Weather its life, sports or fitness the best way to grow and improve is with the help of a great coach. For more information on fitness coaching email me at rich@onlinefitpro.com or schedule a free 30 minute consultation https://www.onlinefitpro.com/appointment