• image not found CATHY S.

    When I was younger I always looked in shape, I didn’t exercise much and my eating was not that great, but as I got older things changed and before I knew it I was out of shape, overweight and hating life. I tried many diets and joined a few gyms, but nothing seemed to work. I was getting frustrated. I remember the first time I met Rich, I was nervous and didn’t say much at first, but after talking to him a few times and he explained to me how he was going to help me, I felt more at ease. We took it real slow at first, but little by little he ramped the workouts up and tweaked my eating habits and before I knew it I was down three pant sizes. I have been with Rich for a while now and at sixty years old I am in the best shape of my life. As long as I am still standing I’m going to have Rich there keeping me moving and eating better. On a side note, just shortly after celebrating my 60th birthday I took a trip to the Grand Canyon. I hiked down and up the canyon with no problem, which I can’t say for the rest of my party, thanks Rich!

    image not found JARED S.

    My name is Jared, I’m a husband and a father to three little girls I am also a police officer and throughout most of my life I have always been involved with organized athletics and keeping myself in shape or at least I thought I was. I enjoy going to the gym and taking my three daughters to the park. A few years ago I came to find out that that I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and slightly overweight. That’s when I began to work out with Rich.
         Rich is a true professional who structures each workout for each individual he works with. Rich is extremely passionate and extremely knowledgeable in what works for each person so they can reach their goals. He worked with me slowly making sure my body was functioning at 100% then built me up to what I am today. He truly helped me reach my maximum potential and I am in all around better shape than I have ever been in my life. He has not only improved my physical appearance but my high blood pressure and cholesterol is a thing of the past. 
         When I first came to him he asked me what my goals are, 10 years ago I would have told him I want to look good for the summer. As a father and a husband my goals have changed. I want to lead a healthy lifestyle so I can see my children grow old and even get to play with my grandkids. I truly believe finding that right person to guide you on that journey is important, and Rich is that guy.

    WEIGHT - 203 187
    LDL (BAD) CHOLESTEROL - 127MG/DL       112MG/DL

  • image not found MANISHA R.

         I have been training with Rich for over a year now. I am a working mom of three kids and I sit at a desk all day. I originally came to him because of back issues I was having. I was a little skeptical at first, but it sounded like a great program. I was committed to giving this a try and did everything Rich asked. It was a little slow at first because of some of my physical issues, but once Rich corrected them we began to really kick it up a notch. By the end of the first eight weeks my back no longer hurt and I was no longer in danger of being a diabetic. It seemed like we progressed so slowly but looking back at my first workouts to what I could do eight weeks later, I was amazed. 
         Having such a busy schedule it is hard to find time to work out, but Rich stays on top of me and always gets me back on track. Every time my back or neck starts hurting me he always has a solution, and if he can’t fix it he sends me to someone who can. He really cares about my health, sometimes more than I do and that’s why I have been with him for so long. As long as he is my trainer I know I will stay on the right path and stay healthy.

    WEIGHT - 174


    image not found SHERRY N

         My name is Sherry, I am a 49 year old professional and I have been training with Rich for over 3 years now. When I first started with him I was out of shape, my cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose levels were very much on the high side. I had worked out before but was never able to stick with it. I remember out first workout, we only did a handful of exercise and I even fell on my ass when I was doing squats. I was so sore from doing just a few exercise, I could barely walk for three days.
         As the weeks progressed Rich pushed me little by little keeping my workouts within my range, and slowly I began to transform, eight weeks later I was doing workouts I never imagined I could do. My cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose levels were now all below the acceptable range. I even lost 23 pounds to boot!
         Three years later we sometimes look back to that first workout and laugh of how easy it seems now. I currently work out 4 times a week including his boot camp workout, I eat so much better, I sleep great and barely ever get sick and I attribute all of it to being in such great shape.
         It is not just the workouts that I keep training with Rich, it’s because he really cares. If I miss a workout he’s texting me, If I am on vacation we sends me workouts to do. He always stays on top of my eating and makes sure I stay on track. If I have any physical problems he is always coming up with solutions. He is more than just my trainer, he is my friend and I never would have been where I am today without him.

    WEIGHT   219 198
    GLUCOSE (SUGAR) 123 107


  • image not found JOE C.

         When I started working out with Rich, I was 5’4 and 190 pounds with a cholesterol problem and 26% body fat. He evaluated my current condition and designed a fitness solution that worked just for me. It was challenging enough to help me improve at a steady rate without overwhelming my mind or body. Slow at first, but then the results started to show.  Real progress in every area of my health. Today I am 169 pounds with 15% body fat and I am off cholesterol medication. Rich knew what I needed and designed a plan that would keep me healthy throughout. It was never too difficult or too easy. He understood the right fitness plan I needed to get the most out of me and my body.

    WEIGHT   189 171
    FAT MASS 23.7 17


    image not found LINDA K

    My name is Linda.  3 years ago I took a good look at myself and decided I didn't want to go into "old age"  (I was 64) being fat, out of shape, and on drugs to get by, so I did something about it, and working with Rich was a part of it.  I was scared and certain I was the biggest, most ungainly person ever to try to "work out"!  I found out working with Rich didn't matter what shape I was in, what mattered was what shape I could get to be in!  He evaluated what I could do, what physical limits I had, and got me going with exercises I could do, and encouragement to do them.  As time went by and I slowly got into better shape, he kept adjusting my work outs to keep challanging me, but always within my abilities.  It worked!!   I am now 2 dress sizes smaller, pounds lighter, and feel much better!  Even my doctor wanted to know what I had done to improve my health so much!  I used to look at a workout as something I HAD to do.  I now look at my work outs as something that is a part of what I do in my life to take care of myself.  When I look at what I can do now, verses what I could do when I started, I am amazed!  and pleased!  It is too bad I waited so long to start, but I did start, and it has made a big difference to my life.  I know that a major part of me continuing once I did start was Rich.  He is a very knowledgable professional who does a wonderful job with all of his clients.   He is also a friend who cares about me and my family.  With his help and guidance, I will continue to take care of my body and continue to get healthier and stronger.


    Linda Kenyhercz