Terms and Conditions

Membership Agreement

1. As a member you are entitled to full access to our website, a personal member portal, as well as all entitlements described in our membership page.

2. I understand that upon signing up for memberhsip, a fee of $99.00 will be charged to my credit card.

3. All credit cards will be securely kept on file and a fee of $99.00 will be automatically charged to my credit card every 30 days from the date of initial payment.

4. There is a $5.00 late fee for any payments that come back rejected due to lost or stolen card or lack of funds.

5. I understand that within the first 14 days of membership, if I am not satisfied with my membership, I am entitled to receive a full refund of all monies paid to "The Online Fit Pro". This request must be sent via email within the first 14 days after the initial payment.

6. I understand that I may cancel my membership by emailing Rich at Rich@onlinefitpro.com with a request for cancel. You will recieve a confirmation email within 24 hours. If your membership monthly fee is due within the next 14 days, you will be billed for that month.

7. You may freeze your membership one time per year for a period of 30 days (one billing cycle). After the 30 day freeze, your membership will automatically be reinstated along with monthly billing.  You may request freeze by email only 14 days prior to freeze date. 

I understand and agree to all the terms listed above in the Membership Agreement